Our Baark. Dogs - Kira & Remy

Our Baark. Dogs - Kira & Remy
Baark. NZ
Baark. NZ

We thought we would introduce you all properly to the two fluff-balls that inspired Baark.

On the left is Kira. She's 7.5 years young. She's a tri-coloured Border Collie, originally born in England - Yes that's right, she's a well traveled lady, she's had many adventures in her time. She became a NZ Citizen in 2019 and hasn't looked back since. Her favourite things are sticks, swimming in the lake and saying hi to every human she see's.

The little one on the right is Remy. She's just turned one! She's also a Border Collie. She has short legs and the cutest little freckle on her nose. She came into our lives with the sole purpose of never leaving her sisters side, and she does it great! Her favourite things are morning cuddles, finding the loudest squeeking toys and a newly found quirk of howling with the emergency sirens.

Brand secret (or not so much) - They inspired our black and white theme.

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