Our First Donation!

Our First Donation!
Baark. NZ
Baark. NZ

Our first donation since our website launched! Thanks for your support.

200 sherpa fleece blankets and waterproof travel/crate mats.

10% of sales since we launched to 'Fix Your Friends' CDRR.


We have donated 200 sherpa fleece blankets and waterproof travel/crate mats directly to Chained Dog. As you can imagine, these sorts of things are highly utilised in rescues and we are so proud to be able to donate these to give some extra comfort to the dogs in their care.



With your help, we have donated 10% of all sales made through our website since we launched to a cause named ‘Fix Your Friends’. This is a really important project Chained Dog (CDRR) are currently doing to help prevent parvovirus, dogs ending up in pounds and rehomed, and pregnant with more puppies there is no room for.

Fix your Friends
 came about from observations over many years about rescues just being the "ambulance at the bottom of the cliff" and a desire to do more proactive work to help prevent the big issues they are all facing in rescue;

- Unwanted litters

- Dogs being life chained, neglected or abused

- The spread of parvovirus and dogs dying a painful death from this

- Dogs needing rehoming

- Dogs being impounded for no registration, roaming, or no microchip

- Owners wanting to do the right thing, but lacking resources or knowing where to go for help.

Chained dog have already held two events for this cause. Their first event was in November 2022 and they registered, microchipped, and vaccinated over 60 dogs, and have so far booked in over 20 of these dogs for desexing. The second event in June 2023 they registered, microchipped and vaccinated around 170 dogs.

Their 3rd event is currently in the planning phase for November 2023. 



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