Meet The Team

Meet The Team
Baark. NZ
Baark. NZ

Kira Ora, Hello fellow dog lovers.

If you're here reading this then maybe you would like to know a little bit about me, the owner.

My name is Rhianna (Rhi). I'm the person you will speak to via emails, social media, and everything in-between.

I am originally from the north of England. I've been calling Queenstown home for six years. I'm now lucky enough to call myself a New Zealand Permanent Resident.

I am BIG on community. I strive to connect through our mutual love for dogs (obviously) but also our instinct to want to do good for our home and those we share it with.

A little about my background:

I've spent the majority of my adult life in sales, marketing/design as well as hospitality roles. I have a Bachelor of Honours Degree in Photography. I work a full-time 40 hour reception job. I organise events through my Facebook page 'Queenstown Girls Social' which now has almost 3,000 members. I also part-own a Hot Yoga Studio here in Queenstown.

I've thrown myself in to the deep end multiple times just trying to find my "thing".

I'm one of those people that just can't sit still. I need to have a purpose and I couldn't stop until I found it.

I always dreamed of being a traveler that would go from country to country volunteering in rescue centres etc. But logistically, that was never going to be viable for me. So I do the next best thing, I donate 10% of all sales made through Baark. to animal rescues here in New Zealand.

Here, with Baark. all of my loves have come together. 

My Goals with Baark.

I aim to build a brand with a range of high-quality, stylish and modern products that you can trust. My mission is to help dogs in need along the way by continuing to give back through our 'Together We Donate' initiative. I hope to build relationships, connections and a strong community vibe with customers, pet owners and local businesses.


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